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There is a paradox with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Without a doubt it is the best martial art for women, due simply to that fact that training is done against an opponent who is resisting 100% (this is unlike karate, krav maga and other striking arts because realistically you cannot simply punch each other in the face every night and keep coming back to training).

The counter to this is, that unfortunately the majority of women do not like the idea of "rolling on the floor with sweaty men".

This is why at SCJJA we have a dedicated Women Only class at 6pm on Tuesday evenings. This class is open all females over the age of 16 years.

It is run by one of our senior black belt coaches (normally Rodney or Steve) but all the contact work is done with other females only!

Note: These classes do not run every week, as we have only a small female team (rebuilding after covid), and some work shift-work. This means that we need to know you're coming as we need a minimum number of three for it to be meaningful.

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